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£5.53 millions of value to the local economy

The Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) and the Irish Football Association (IFA) have announced the results of their recent study into the social return on investment delivered by local football clubs and the value of Coleraine FC to its local community is £5.53 millions each year…

The research was commissioned by UEFA and supported by the IFA and it measured the value of various activities including the provision of football at all levels, the volunteer programmes, employment factors, the financial benefit to local business of games taking place at The Showgrounds.

This produced some eye-watering figures. There is £0.823 million economic contribution, and equivalent of £3.086 millions in social benefit and £1.62 millions of healthcare savings.

These wonderful results are a combined effort of our various groups and committees who we are justifiably proud of, as they help us progress from a football club to a substantial enabler within our community. Based within two areas of high deprivation the board have always played their part in contributing to health, wellbeing and social development verified by this independent report.

Speaking on behalf of the Board, Coleraine FC Chair, Colin McKendry said “The Board of Coleraine Football Club and I would like to thank all our external social partners who also contribute to the significant impact we are having within the North Coast, in supporting young people and women into sport, our efforts to support positive mental health and those challenged by deprivation and antisocial behaviour.

“The club itself is a community organisation, owned and operated by its members, we appreciate our social responsibilities and the platform we bring for neighbourhood development.

“I want to conclude by sincerely thanking everyone, past and present, who has supported the club and worked so hard within our community. We recognise the civic pride that Coleraine Football Club brings to the area.

“I feel that many of the building blocks for a successful club are now in place. We should be immensely proud of the efforts everyone has made and continues to make in order that we can all enjoy the success story that is Coleraine Football Club.”