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All the Right Numbers

COLERAINE FC is delighted to announce that our social media and website numbers have dramatically increased from this time last year…

The Bannsiders have a strong social media presence on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, as well as an official YouTube channel to upload all the latest video content such as interviews, reaction pieces and season highlights. Our total amount of followers across all platforms is around 23,950 – an increase from last year’s total of 17.6k.

We are also using Apester to create interactive quizzes which have been answered over 2,600 times, as well as Stanza for supporters to download all our league fixtures onto their smartphones.


According to statistics compiled last year, the Stripes had 6,900 followers on Facebook but this has now increased by 35% to 9,300.

Posts usually reach over 40,000 people per week, with video content also reaching a high level of traffic.

The end of season video had over 16,000 views, 170 shares and over 400 likes.

Similarly, the ‘Team Mates’ video with Josh Carson and Aaron Traynor (which lasts over four minutes) has nearly been viewed for a total of 10,000 minutes.


On Twitter, we had 9,400 followers in 2017 but this has now jumped to almost 12,000 – an increase of around 28%.

Between June and the start of July, our tweets impressions were over 330,000, with our profile receiving over 30,000 views.

Videos are also hugely popular with over 75,000 views on our posts from March until July this year.

We are the club with the most Twitter followers outside of Belfast.


This time last year we had 1.3k followers on Instagram but this has now increased by over a thousand to 2.4k.

We post around 20 photos per month.

Our YouTube channel was launched last year and has over 250 subscribers to date but we hope this figure will gradually grow in the coming years.

Our official page has been viewed over 21,000 times.


The official website has had over 75,000 unique visitors and over 135,000 hits since the start of 2018.

Our latest ‘Team Mates’ series, as well as signing news and match reaction pieces are the most popular.

We receive a high amount of visitors from China, United States and France.

Coleraine Football Club website and social media team would like to thank all of our supporters for their engagement with our respective channels and we hope to bring you more enjoyable content in the future.

We would also like to thank photographers Maurice Bradley and Willie McConaghie for their continued support and professionalism.