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Behind the Iron Curtain

CLUB historian Hunter McClelland has recalled the Bannsiders’ games against Dynamo Kiev in the European Cup Winners’ Cup in 1965 during a special interview with several club legends…

By: Hunter McClelland

A few years ago I received an email from a staff member at Dynamo Kiev. He asked if I knew anyone who had been at the Cup Winner’s Cup game in September 1965. I replied that I had been at the match and I was then asked to complete a questionnaire on it. I also scanned all the pages of a scrapbook I complied on the game and sent it as well.

A few months later he sent me an article (in Russian) in their Club magazine, based on my reply.

Recently I received an email from a Ukrainian journalist, Dmytro Dzhulai, who was working in Dublin, and who was a friend of the person who had contacted me originally. He wanted to come up to the Showgrounds to film an interview with me about the game. Coleraine FC kindly granted permission for this to go ahead. I invited Johnny McCurdy and Ivan Murray, who had played in the game, and also Freddie Monahan who, with two other players, had been given a task by Bertie Peacock about the game.

The interview took place on Nov 30 and was a very pleasant experience, enjoyed by all.

I was able to give Dmytro some footage of the game, taken by the late Billy McNabb (Johnny’s grandfather). Billy’s father was at the game and was Secretary of Coleraine FC at the time.

The film clip was edited and distributed by Dynamo Kiev and I received a copy few days ago.

The video can be watched HERE.