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Directional Change

COLERAINE FC would like to share some exciting news regarding our Women’s team at The Showgrounds…

Head of Women’s and Girls’ Development Officer Gareth Scott has been incredibly proactive in assembling a coaching team around the pitch capable of supporting the players to develop as individuals and as a team.

The goal is to transform the team into being a competitive group that can take huge steps towards the club’s objective of striving to become recognised as the number one women’s club in the north-west and beyond both on and off the pitch.

This objective will be actioned through all members understanding that their individual contribution – both on and off the pitch – is crucial to the club’s collective success.

Scott added that he aims for all members to enjoy their football experience at the club and will be treated with the upmost respect.

He said: “Every person involved is a vital piece of the club and will be treated with the utmost respect. In return they will be expected to be part of developing a standard of excellence in every aspect of club life.

“The priority for the club is that all members will have an environment where they can get maximum enjoyment out of their football experience.”

Scott outlined that he has been delighted with the response to the club’s recent expression of interest for coaching support as the key to progress is an injection of creative coaching support who are totally enthused to contribute to the long-term project.

As such, he was absolutely delighted to announce an experienced and innovative management team of Erin Montgomery, Simon Moore, Michael Gray and also Emma Campbell as strength and conditioning specialist.

Coming in as Head Coach to compliment Scott’s own role on the managerial side of things, Erin has a wealth of relevant player development experience and has already made an instant impact on the players’ self-confidence and development in the early sessions.

“Erin is a fantastic person and really impressed the players and myself with his knowledge and approach,” Scott explained.

“He will be a key driver in the success of each individual and the team and a catalyst to propelling the club forward and, in fact, that process has already begun and the club will reap the rewards over the long-term.

“Simon Moore and Michael Gray are also on board, both of whom are no strangers to local football, and bring vast knowledge and enthusiasm to our coaching team.

“Emma Campbell is our S&C support and her incredible standard of delivery will empower the group to strive to ‘Choose Excellence Only’ as a lifestyle choice when it comes to physical conditioning.

“The journey is well under way and we endeavour as a management team to develop every aspect of club life as a positive contribution to women’s football and the wider community.

“If any player feels that they want to contribute to this journey please feel free to touch base as Coleraine will be the right destination if you want to have maximum experience from your football journey.

“Age isn’t a factor; enthusiasm, integrity and a positive coachable attitude are the only requirements.

“The coaches will help you achieve your goals on and off the field…quite literally!”