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Gareth’s new appointment

COLERAINE FC is delighted to confirm the appointment of Gareth Scott as the club’s new Head of Women’s and Girls’ Development Officer…

Gareth arrives at the Club having been involved with numerous youth sections, including Coleraine and Linfield, as well as time spent as IFA Youth Development Officer at Moyola Park and Tobermore United in the past.

As well as managing Glebe Rangers and Limavady United at Championship level, Gareth has been involved with numerous successful junior league teams helping lift silverware and developing club development in both the Coleraine and Ballymena areas.

Furthermore, Gareth also brings vast experience of Sports Development and is an international volleyball coach, qualified gym instructor, who will bring an impressive portfolio of experience and people development.

After growing up in Maghera, Gareth has lived in Coleraine for the last 27 years and has already started his new role at the club as a festival of football, which involved 180 pupils from 18 primary schools in the area, was held at The Showgrounds last month.

Speaking to about his new position, Gareth spoke of his excitement at getting started as well as placing on record his thanks to other personnel who have been involved with the women’s section at the club.

“I’m totally honoured to accept the role of Head of Women’s and Girls’ Development Officer,” he said.

“Coleraine is on a very upward trajectory in terms of the overall development in each facet of the club and community life, and it is my full expectation to contribute to the acceleration of the experience for all female players in terms of opportunities to play the game and improve to a level appropriate to their ability and willingness to develop.

“To have the opportunity to be a catalyst to the growth of the women’s game is one of the biggest sporting honours of my life, but the hard work starts now as the mission statement must be to elevate the profile of a club.

“With the size, growth potential and insatiable ambition that the Board of Directors has demonstrated, the delivery of quality work, quality inclusive development of players and quality coach education within the ladies programme is a major objective for us.

“As a Club we are perceived to be late to the journey and have much ground to cover to be regarded as a key powerhouse of the women’s game, but there has been a team lead by Alison Nicholl that have worked hard for many years to keep our presence in the local game, so I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge this often unrecognized work.

“Alison and her team over many years have laid the foundations for the tracks, Ciaran Duffy in his role of Director of Women’s Football put the first trains on that track, all that’s left to do now is to turn the tracks into a fast railroad ready to take the players and club to their next destination.

“This is now a time to refresh and reset our ambitions with a view to expanding our Club in terms of commitment, performance and participation.

“This will be a time for very hard work and earn the right to move towards the top table of women’s football through the investment of time in our players, young players and coaches to create a blue and white wave of players ready to flood our teams and leagues over next few years.

“As a custodian of the Club, I will ensure that utmost integrity is shown in each and every strand of club life. There is no single commodity more important than the people involved being treated with equality, integrity and developing at an appropriate level to their ability for the overall good of our community and Club.

“The outreach will also extend to schools, community groups and other clubs that wish to share in the gospel of women’s football, which we will spread over the coming months and years.”

Coleraine Chairman Colin McKendry spoke about the new appointment at The Showgrounds.

“We are pleased to welcome Gareth to the Club and we know hard work has already started,” he added.

“Coleraine has the potential to be a major force in the women’s game and we believe Gareth has all the attributes to help us succeed.

“The success of Northern Ireland senior women’s team has been a real inspiration and we would love to play a part in the next journey of that.

“I would like to thank Alison for all her hard work in what was at times difficult circumstances as senior women’s manager.

“We are excited for the next chapter in the women’s and girls’ section of the club.”