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Glackin supports National Sports Sunday

COLERAINE midfielder Jamie Glackin has lent his support to National Sports Sunday which takes place today…

Message From Warren Evans, CEO Of Sports Chaplaincy UK

National Sports Sunday this year is not an event, but an opportunity to pray for the community of sport with a renewed sense of focus. That’s why I’m inviting you to take part, whether that’s online as a church fellowship or just as a single believer lamenting the absence of sport.

With sports games suspended, gyms closed, staff feeling uncertain about the future and players frustrated with being unable to participate, we have an opportunity to remember sport is more than an activity, it’s a community we can bless and pray for.

If you are taking part in the spirit of National Sports Sunday on the day itself or at a later date, please don’t forget to tell us by emailing or posting on social media!

Wherever you are, keep being a blessing and praying for those struggling in these challenging days.