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COLERAINE FC can confirm that season tickets are still on sale for the 2023/24 campaign…

As Bannsiders, we are a part of something really special. A community with a shared passion for our football club. Almost as soon as the season ends, we start to look forward with anticipation to the next season and all that it promises.

Having a season ticket is more than just a ticket, it’s a membership with benefits. First of all, it is the very best value that you will get – an adult season ticket is the equivalent of less than £10 per match – or to look at it another way it’s five FREE games.

All adults and concessions get FREE Social Club membership too, plus everyone is eligible for discounts with club partners such as B&Q, Urban, Newbridge, Tides and Tim Hortons – and that number is growing.

Finally, a season ticket is the best way to support the club, so if you can buy one please do. We understand that it’s a commitment and we appreciate and value every one of you. Last year we broke all records for season ticket sales and we hope to do that again with your help.

Boss Oran Kearney knows what the fans can do to help the team: “It’s so important, we need every advantage that we can get and The Showgrounds needs to be that cauldron and that place teams fear coming to because of the crowd and how difficult it is to get a result there.

“All of these ingredients are important for a successful season, and whilst there’s so much players can do, fans can play their part also.

“It can’t be underestimated the help that all our supporters will have by coming and being as loud and proud as possible.

“It’s nice to get back to those full houses now and real big crowds.

“I just hope everyone can get out there and keep supporting the club.

2023/24 Season Tickets can be bought online HERE.

Supporters will also be able to buy their season ticket from the Club Shop.

With the deadline passed to obtain a season ticket card, fans can use a digital version of the season ticket at no extra charge, or alternatively use Future Ticketing’s new app for free

We understand some fans like to have a season ticket card, however, that incurs an additional cost to the club, therefore fans who wish to have a card can do so for an additional charge of £5 if ordered before July 1. However, if preferred, the digital version of the season ticket is available at no extra charge.

Alternatively, fans can access their digital season ticket on Future Ticketing’s new app free of charge.

The prices are as follows:

  • Adult – £180
  • Concession – £120
  • Family (Adult plus 2 Under 18s) – £210
  • Junior – £20
  • Disabled (Carer’s Ticket Free) – £65
  • Student – £65
  • Club 1927 – £300