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Life Membership

COLERAINE FC new ownership team had the opportunity to acknowledge the tremendous work in saving the club that the Friends of Coleraine facilitated…

At Saturday’s home game, they paid tribute to the three founding members – Raymond Kirk and Nevin Oliver (both pictured), as well as John Mairs (unable to attend) by presenting them with life membership of Coleraine FC.

The club thanks the trio for their hard work and dedication to the club, which wouldn’t simply exist if it wasn’t for them.

Club owner Ranald McGregor-Smith said: “Patrick and I felt it was necessary to acknowledge everyone who helped save the club.

“The work carried out by Raymond, Nevin and John was paramount in that and we will forever be indebted to them.

“We hope giving Life Membership of the club is a fitting tribute to the three gentlemen for everything they’ve done.”