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Life worth Living

BREMAR Training are delighted to be coming to Coleraine FC to deliver the highly acclaimed Connections Suicide Awareness Programme…

The programme will be facilitated by two trainers who bring with them knowledge and experience from Counselling and Social Services.

Connections is a complete programme focusing on key areas such as Understanding Suicide, Understanding Emotional Health, Suicide First Aid and Cultivating Self- care practice.

We will be delivering the Help Life programme which gives learners the knowledge and tools to understand that Suicide is preventable, and that everyone can help people thinking of suicide to stay alive, get help and reconnect with a sense of having a life worth living. Most importantly giving everyone the confidence to intervene with people who are vulnerable.

We have been working hard with the IFA and local agencies to be able to offer this programme and feel it would be extremely beneficial to all coaches, players, parents and club members.

The course is PHA and NHSCT approved and certificates will be provided for all attendees. We look forward to seeing you there at 6:30pm in the Academy suite.