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McCauley raises over £1500 for charity…so far!

DARREN McCauley’s sleep-out to raise awareness of homelessness across Ireland has raised over £1500 for charity so far…

The midfielder took to the streets in Dublin before Christmas to raise funds for the Peter McVerry Trust and he chatted to Jonathan McNabb about the experience.

Q1. So Darren, how did you find sleeping out? Must have been tough with the weather?

I found it really really tough, mentally and physically. It wasn’t cold, but the lack of sleep was difficult and the fear of someone coming up to harm you was mentally draining, but thankfully that didn’t happen. I also felt how degrading it can be, and as generous as people are, hand-outs only keep people in poverty. It’s a psychological battle for the individual to have the strength to lift themselves up.

Q2. How much did you raise for the Peter McVerry Trust? For those reading, can you still donate?

I set a target of £1000 which was surpassed by raising over £1500. The support has been incredible. You can still donate up until the 12th of January, then the funds will be given to the Trust. You can still donate HERE.

Q3. Received a lot of media coverage – do you think that will help people realise the severity of this issue?

Definitely, I think now more than ever, there is a bigger spotlight on homelessness across the island of Ireland, which is a good thing as it can help those in need.

Q4. Think you might be able to convince some of your team-mates to do this?

I hope so – but it is a big commitment. I’d be up for giving a player/member of the public advice on the sleep-out. I’d like to thank my team-mates and everyone involved with Coleraine FC for their support.