Meet the Supporter

Meet the Supporter: Gareth McCaw

GARETH McCaw is the latest Bannsider to be asked a series of questions on why he supports Coleraine and who his favourite player is…

1. How long have you supported Coleraine?

I have been a supporter of Coleraine since I went to my first game aged 9.

2. What’s your first memory?

My first memory is going on my first away game with my uncle and his father in law with Garvagh and Kilrea Supporters Club. I went with friends who I am still friendly with now.

3. Any funny stories from your time as a supporter?

There’s a few! The most notable one would be Linfield at home as a big row broke out with the supporters in the old shed stand. It was my mum’s first game and she didn’t know what to think.

4. Your favourite current player/past player?

I have a couple of favourite players as I can’t choose between Steven Douglas and Brad Lyons – but the whole team is fantastic! Past player was our number one Davy O’Hare as when I was a boy I always had to go to the matches to see him.

5. Your favourite away trip?

I have been on plenty of away trips and was everywhere as a boy travelling to the likes of Omagh and Larne etc when we were playing and won the old First Division. My favourite away trip now would have to be Ballymena as we usually get a result there.

6. Your favourite goal?

It has to be the goal that got us to the Irish Cup final last season. It was a great run by Bradley and great movement in the box by James to head the ball home. Another one was the last kick of the game against the Blues two years ago when Neil McCafferty hit a stoppage time free-kick that more or less lost Linfield the league that year.

7. Any favourite matches?

Winning the Irish Cup final in 2003 was out of this world as I am from Cookstown and they have a Glentoran Supporters Club. I was getting a bit of stick from them up until the final but it was all quiet when I got back to the town! Our semi-final win against Glenavon would be second.

8. If you could sign any player from another Irish League, who would it be?

I would love to see Howard Beverland back in there with O’Donnell as I think that would be a great pairing. Other than that our young team is great the way it is