Meet the Supporter

Meet the Supporter: Cameron McAfee

NINE-year-old Cameron McAfee is next up to answer questions related to all things Coleraine FC…

1. How long have you supported Coleraine?

Almost nine years as my Daddy took me to matches when I was a baby.

2. What’s your first memory?

My first memory is from the Stenaline Cup in Ayr in 2010. We went on the boat to the final.

3. Any funny stories from your time as a supporter?

Last year I was on the pitch before a match and I saved a penalty from Jamie McGonigle. He wasn’t happy about that!

4. Your favourite current/past player?

Favourite player right now is Chris Johns. I’m a goalkeeper too and like to talk to him before matches.

Past player would be either Johnny Black as I still have a pair of his boots, or Jordan Allan. Jordan lifted me onto the pitch after we beat Ballymena 4-0 in the Irish Cup last year.

5. Your favourite away trip?

Ballymena – as I don’t think I’ve watched us lose there.

6. Your favourite goal? 

The last minute goal by Jamie McGonigle to defeat Linfield this season.

7. Any favourite matches? 

Last year’s Irish Cup semi-final when we beat Glenavon.

8. If you could sign any player from another Irish League club, who would it be?

Andy Waterworth – so he could stop scoring against us.