Meet the Supporter

Meet the Supporter: Jack Hull

JACK Hull, aged 8, is the latest Bannsider to asked a series of questions…

1. How long have you supported Coleraine?

I have supported Coleraine for all my life – so 8 years!

2. What’s your first memory?

My first memory is standing behind the goal in the Railway End with my mate Cameron.

3. Any funny stories from your time as a supporter?

A funny story would be when I won a signed football when I was three-years-old. David Ogilby presented me with the ball, but I cried as he was so tall.

4. Your favourite current player/past player?

Current player is Josh Carson – he is a great footballer.

Past player is Rodney Brown.

5. Your favourite away trip?

I always enjoy watching Coleraine play at the National Stadium as it’s a big pitch and Northern Ireland play there.

6. Your favourite goal?

My favourite goal as a Coleraine supporter would have to be Ciaron Harkin’s strike against Glenavon when we won 4-2.

7. Any favourite matches?

The Irish Cup final last year as the build up was great. I also went to Ayr for the friendly and that was a very enjoyable trip.

8. If you could sign any player from another Irish League club, who would it be?

Tough one – but Paul Heatley because he is quick and very skilful.