Meet the Supporter

Meet the Supporter: Troy Hanna

TROY Hanna is the latest supporter to be asked a series of questions on his life as a Bannsider…

1. How long have you supported Coleraine?

My memory is a bit vague but my first game would have probably been the 93/94 season and we were either at home to Larne or Ballyclare…and I remember the sun was shining.

2. What’s your first memory?

Hammering Carrick at home in the snow with an orange ball would be an early memory. Failing to get into the newly formed Premier League and that final game against Ballymena was painful at the time. Storming to the First Division title and running onto the pitch with my mates when the trophy was presented was brilliant.

3. Any funny stories from your time as a supporter?

Too many to mention and 99% of them would not be suitable for the club website.

4. Your favourite current/past player?

Favourite player right now is Brad Lyons – when he came on against Crusaders two weeks ago, he showed just what we missed without him. He makes us tick. Sheer quality.

Past player would be Pat McAllister – my footballing hero growing up.

5. Your favourite away trip?

My favourite away trip was always Larne, so hopefully with a bit of money now, they can get back up again so I can visit their Social Club. I also enjoy going to Seaview to watch a game.

6. Your favourite goal? 

The 2003 Irish Cup winning goal by Jody Tolan/Andy Smith against Glentoran.

7. Any favourite matches? 

The Irish News Cup final in 1995 as it was my first away game as a ten-year-old and we had a massive travelling support with a terrific atmosphere.

8. If you could sign any player from another Irish League club, who would it be?

I would love to see Paul Heatley in a blue and white striped shirt. He is such a dangerous player.