My Top Ten

My Top Ten: Jamie Glackin

COLERAINE midfielder Jamie Glackin has shortlisted his top ten favourite footballers of all time…

Over the next few months, will be asking current first-team stars to narrow down ten players and explain the reasons for their inclusion.

With Glackin impressing on the pitch for the Bannsiders, we wanted to know who he enjoyed watching on the television.

10 – Kenny Dalglish

Cause he’s the King.

9 – Fernando Torres

El Nino…we called our dog after him he was that good. I just loved him and knew every time he played there was going to be something magic that he would pop up with.

8 – Luis Suarez

What he done for Liverpool will never be forgotten. A player who brought that something different and scored goals for fun.

7 – Bobby Firmino

Another typical Brazilian with flair, touch and creativity and just love him being a Red – top class.

6 – Andres Iniesta

One of the most natural talented footballers I’ve watched that keeps everything so simple but so effective.

5 – Lionel Messi

The guy is a joke and the best of all time.

4 – Zinedine Zidane

Another who could just do anything and made football look far too easy. A footballer who was probably the best with two feet and no doubt one of the best ever.

3 – Coutinho

After Gerrard he is my favourite Red who just epitomises everything that I try to recreate in my game. He is such a superb footballer and was brilliant for the Reds.

2 – Ronaldinho

Joyful, skilful and just a ridiculously talented footballer who I loved watching.

1 – Steven Gerrard

My all time favourite footballer who captained and carried the team I love and support, and he could just do anything!