My Top Ten

My Top Ten: Stewart Nixon

COLERAINE striker Stewart Nixon has shortlisted his top ten favourite footballers of all time…

Over the next few months, will be asking current first-team stars to narrow down ten players and explain the reasons for their inclusion.

With Stewart known for his speed and acceleration, it should come as no surprise as that a few fast players make his top ten.

10 – Gareth Bale

Another player that has unbelievable pace and power, he can score goals from anywhere and always has people on the edge of their seats when watching him.

9 – Kaka

This Brazilian was unbelievable in his peak and could do anything on a pitch with ease.

8 – Andres Iniesta

Just oozes with silk and used to glide through the pitch without a problem. Loved watching him.

7 – Sergio Ramos

Absolute beast and loves getting stuck in. He is a proper defender and one of the best I’ve seen in my time.

6 – Wayne Rooney

England’s best striker, can score goals from anywhere and also loves a good tackle.

5 – Kylian Mbappe

Pace, power and goals – he has it all at such a young age and he is a good role model for any young forward.

4 – Neymar

Loves getting hit a good tackle, but the pace and skill this man has is absolutely ridiculous.

3 – Paul Scholes

The man can pick out a 70-yard ball right to your toe so what else would you want? He is also the best ever English midfielder.

2 – Ronaldinho 

He’s just got it and smiled every time he was on the pitch.

1 – Cristiano Ronaldo

The best player to ever play football.