My Top Ten

My Top Ten: Emmett McGuckin

COLERAINE striker Emmett McGuckin has shortlisted his top ten favourite footballers of all time…

Over the next few months, will be asking current first-team stars to narrow down ten players and explain the reasons for their inclusion.

With Emmett’s one hand in the air celebration, it should come as no surprise as that a Newcastle United icon comes near the top.

10 – Zinedine Zidane

What a player, made everything look so easy and made other players look great. His first touch was crazy and loved when he would beat a man three times before passing. Not a bad player to kick things off. I wanted to include Scott Brown, but Zidane just about pipped him to it.

9 – Ronaldinho

Couldn’t have a top ten without having his man involved. Literally could do anything with the football. Flicks, tricks and scoring wonder goals. I think everyone has had a go at trying some of his tricks and recreating his goals.

8 – Marcelo

Bit of a random one to through in the mix. My brother supports Real Madrid and when we watched them play on TV, I always loved to watch Marcelo. I don’t know if it’s his unpredictability or just knowing he is going to do something ridiculous which makes me like him. He can defend as well I suppose.

7 – Dider Drogba

Big, powerful and passionate player. Not a fan of Chelsea but a big fan of Drogba.

6 – Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Not much to say about the big Zlat. His goal against England alone earns him a spot. Has scored some crazy goals in his career and for a big man he has got some skills about him.

5 – Cristiano Ronaldo

I enjoy Ronaldo as he wears his heart on his sleeve. He is a passionate footballer and can play. Pace, skill, power, he has it all. What a player.

4 – Lionel Messi

Took this spot ahead of CR7. In my opinion, an absolute genius on the ball. His ability to make things look so easy, to go past players with ease and to score the amount of goals he has, means he has to go down as one of the all time greats (after Skinner, of course).

3 – Ronaldo

What a joy to watch. Still to this day watch YouTube videos of his goals and him playing. A few questionable hairstyles but won’t hold that against him. What a player.

2 – Alan Shearer

One of my childhood heroes. Could do everything, great stroke of the ball, got up and won headers he had no need to win and of course – the celebration!

1 – Henrik Larsson

King of Kings.