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Northern Ireland Football Fund programme

COLERAINE Football Club is thrilled to welcome Minister Gordon Lyons’ announcement regarding the release of funding under the Northern Ireland Football Fund programme…

We are particularly pleased with the Minister’s focus on community and social value, principles that are deeply ingrained in our club’s mission.

Our club’s needs have been well-established, and we are confident that our plans align perfectly with the Minister’s vision of a legacy project for the North Coast and football in Northern Ireland.

We have been diligently collaborating with the Department of Communities officials and will continue to do so to ensure our project’s success.

To the Coleraine community, we want to reassure you that our plans are at an advanced stage. We are excited about the prospect of developing a modern, safe facility that will not only serve Coleraine Football Club and the wider football community, including the Super Cup NI, but also become a major community asset.

This facility will have a profoundly positive social impact on groups and individuals throughout the Causeway Coast and Glens.

We look forward to bringing this vision to life and enhancing the fabric of our community through sport and shared spaces.