Official Code of Conduct

Official Code of Conduct

1. Players are NOT permitted to play football for any other team while under contract to Coleraine Football Club. A consequence to be determined by the Manager and Board of Directors will be imposed for breach of this condition.

2. Players if requested must make themselves available to attend at least 3 Official functions each season which includes Club Dinners/ Supporters Club Meetings or Cup Draws/Photo Shoots. Injured players will be required to coach/attend Academy training sessions/matches on instruction from the Manager and attend as many physio sessions as the management decide.

3. Players are strictly forbidden from gambling on any football matches within Northern Ireland. The player agrees that he will not, either on his own behalf or with or through any third party, take part in betting, gambling, lotteries and similar events or transactions connected with football matches within Northern Ireland.

4. Random drug testing is on the verge of being introduced to the Irish league; any player testing positive will have severe consequences

5. Players must not support/attend any events or competitions organised by third parties that are in conflict with activities associated with Coleraine Football Club or jeopardise the clubs reputation

6. Player will be supplied with a full training kit and match day gear which will include Tracksuit, Polo Shirt, Wet Top, Kit Bag, Training Top, Training Shorts, Training Socks, Training Jumper and Training Bottoms. If a player losses any item of kit during the season they will be liable to pay for the replacement item.

7. Match Day dress shall be at the discretion of the Manager, but club sponsor products must be worn while on club duty.

8. NO alcohol permitted 48 hours prior to a match, whether playing or injured. Nothing from a Thursday if match on a Saturday. For Monday night matches, no Saturday drinking, for Tuesday night matches, no Sunday drinking
(2 weeks basic at least)

9. Players who aren’t participating in a match for whatever reason players will be expected to attend all home matches and away matches at manager’s discretion. No alcohol is allowed to be consumed until 5.00, when the team has finished work.
(2 weeks of basic wage)
10. Injured or unselected player must act professionally before, during and after the match. For example eating out of fast food vans at matches etc is not acceptable, not a professional image to portray to the fans.
(Up to 2 weeks basic depending on offence)

11. Random hydration tests will be administered during the season, poor hydration levels will result in players missing training due to not being in correct condition and risking serious injury
(1 week basic)

12. All players expected to maintain a high level of strength and fitness levels. Players will be tested at certain stages of the year to ensure they are in suitable condition. Players will be given an agreed period of time depending on the length of an injury to get back above these levels. Standards to be met:

(Lose 50% of basic wage until back above standards)

13. Holidays must be taken during the close season; any holidays taken during pre season will be unpaid leave. Player will be tested on immediate return in above tests and if not at desired level will be fined as above
(Depends on the amount of sessions missed and timing)

14. Player’s height will be recorded at the start of the season, weight and BMI tested monthly by Alan. You will be given a ‘fighting or target weight’ and expected to maintain this weight.
(50% of basic until back in shape)

15. Any overweight/ out of shape players will attend extra training sessions at times decided by management and at ANY stage of the year at times decided by management with Chris Gregg

16. No valid reason given to Manager for missing a training session, including work related reasons, matches in England or other commitments
(One weeks basic)

On training nights, Alan will be at the club from 6.40. The closer you live to the ground the earlier you must arrive to get treatment.
Any injured players who cannot train must report by 7.10 and will be treated when everyone else is training. Players who can train must be attended to as a priority.
Injured players are required to be at the club for all training sessions and are not permitted to leave early; Alan will assign relevant gym work
Injured players wait in the kitchen area, Alan decide on order of treatment

17. Failure to report sickness or injury- unavailability for
a match – must be reported to Management ASAP.
(1 weeks basic)

18. No players are permitted to go out early to ‘kick about’ with a ball, the team
starts training and warm ups for matches together and finish training and warm ups together.
(No fine, as it just won’t happen!)

19. Club provides a bus for all away matches, players who are on club duty must meet the bus at the closest stop. I.e. Coleraine, Ballymoney, or Antrim Roundabout for Belfast. ALL players must travel back on the bus. This is very important to encourage togetherness and a good team spirit.
(No fine, no excuse taken)

20. Players must use responsibly any social network site that they choose to use. Club matters are confidential and any comments made in relation to the club must be professional and not detrimental to club reputation.
(Fine depend on severity – worst case termination of contract)

21. Any matters deemed Gross Misconduct by the club could result in termination of contract.

Anyone who doesn’t complete a full training session on Thursday through injury will not be available for selection on a Saturday. Special circumstances will be at the discretion of the management. In respect of the above fines, exceptional circumstances will be taken into consideration by the Management.

Players Pool Code of Conduct

*All fines will be paid to Mr Moffatt by the first Tuesday after payday at the latest or else doubled.*

1. Coleraine FC training kit to be worn for every training session, including hat!
(£5 per item)

2. Club Tracksuit is the proper dress for match days
(£5 per missing item)

3. Flip flops must be wore in showers and around the changing room, never
socks or bare feet (£5)

4. Mobile phones on match days- NO phones to be used in the changing room area including shower and physio room from 90 minutes before kick off.

5. Substitutes on match days – playing kit is left in changing rooms. i.e. Playing top/shin guards. (£30:00)

6. Boots – for training and matches, boots must be clean prior to arriving at the ground. (£5)

7. Un-used subs – will train with one of the assistants after the changing room debrief on match days (Non-attendance, 1 weeks basic)

8. All players must report for training at 7.10 at the latest, and training commences at 7.15 sharp, the players shall all leave the changing rooms together at 7.13 to commence training (£5 per player)

9. Changing room door closes on a match day at 1.30. Anyone after this time will be fined. (£1 per player per car)

10. Any equipment left after a training night or a match day in the changing rooms

11. Ball over the stand in shooting practise or training games. (£5)

12. Booking/sending off for dissent, raising hands, verbal abuse, kicking ball away etc
(£20 for first, £30 every other after)
(£40 for first, £80 every other after)

13. No Snoods, gloves or tights on a match day, it’s a big sign of weakness (£5)

Match day schedule

For a 3.00 kick-off

Arrive at ground 1.15 – 1.30 start

1.30 – changing room door closed, late if after this!!!

1.40 – Team announced and roles etc sorted

1.50 – 2.15 Players own time to change and prepare

2.15 – ALL players head out together for warm up

2.20 – Warm up commences

2.45 – Warm up finishes

2.48 – Players get a few minutes to sort shin-pads etc

2.53 – Final brief from management

2.55 – Players exit changing rooms

3.00 – Match Kicks off

For an evening kick-off same schedule applies.