On the Spot

On the Spot…with Ben Doherty

JANUARY signing and Young Player of the Year, Ben Doherty, is the latest member of the Bannsiders’ first-team panel to be ‘On the Spot’ as the midfielder answers a series of questions…

1. Occupation?

Customer Protection Analyst.

2. Favourite player of all time?

Steven Gerrard.

3. Favourite meal?

Spaghetti Bolognese.

4. Pre-match breakfast?

Poached eggs on toast.

5. Any lucky traditions?

Always last walking out of the tunnel.

6. PS4 or Xbox?


7. What teams do you support?


8. Three guests for a dinner – dead or alive – who do you pick and why?

Jimmy Bullard – I listen to all his podcasts and he’s really funny and would have some stories from his playing days.

Roy Keane – another one who would have some stories and would tell everything how it is.

My grandad – I have had a close relationship with him since I was younger and he’s always talking about my football and helping me so he would have to be there.

9. Favourite movie?

Shawshank Redemption.

10. Your favourite moment as a Coleraine player?

The Irish Cup tie against Larne – it had everything.

11. If you were deserted on an island, which Coleraine player would you choose to be with and why?

Steven Douglas – he is the man who is picked for this question every time, so there is no point against him.

12. Who is your favourite social media app?


13. If you could be a Coleraine player for one day who would it be and why?

Dylan King – he doesn’t know a days work then shows up to trying to tell us how he’s taking his under-8 team to the Champions League final.

14. What other sports do you play?

I play golf whenever I get time off work and the weather is good.

15. Who is your best mate at the club?

All the lads that I travel with – we have a good friendship and we all get on really well.

16. Where is your favourite holiday destination?

I haven’t been on too many holidays in the past few years, but Florida is the best holiday I’ve been on.

17. Any good Netflix or series recommendations?

Breaking Bad and Prison Break are brilliant.

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