On the Spot

On the Spot…with Howard Beverland

HOWARD Beverland is the latest player to be ‘On the Spot’ as the defender answers a series of questions relating to life, football and everything in between…

1. Occupation?

Social worker – mental health practitioner in Child Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS)

2. Favourite player of all time?

R9 Ronaldo.

3. Favourite meal?

Chilli Beef Pitta.

4. Pre-match breakfast?

Porridge fruit and honey with a coffee.

5. Any lucky traditions?

No lucky traditions, I just pray before every game.

6. PS4 or Xbox?

Sega Mega! Probably the Xbox but I never have much time to play.

7. What teams do you support?

Newcastle United.

8. Three guests for a dinner – dead or alive – who do you pick and why?

Denzel Washington – favourite actor and inspirational.

Adrian Dunbar (Ted Hastings) – AC12 Line of Duty and what a ‘fella’.

Peter Kay – for entertainment as he’s my favourite comedian.

9. Favourite movie?

Rocky 3.

10. Your favourite moment as a Coleraine player?

Reaching the Irish Cup final by beating Donegal Celtic in the semi-final replay via an extra-time goal by Davy Patton.

11. Love Island – yes or no?


12. If you were deserted on an island, which Coleraine player would you choose to be with and why?

Steven Douglas – laugh every minute, there would be some great stories to tell and hopefully could get a bit of scaffolding to get us off it!

13. What other sports do you play?

Tennis and rugby. Love rugby, watch a lot of it and played it at school alongside tennis.

14. What is your favourite away ground to play football?

Stangmore Park but my best win record is at the Ballymena Showgrounds.

15. How hard was it to play against Coleraine whilst at Crusaders?

My first game back at The Showgrounds was emotionally the hardest game of my career. The first game of the split in the season I won the league with Crusaders and pipped Coleraine was the most nervous and most pressure I’ve felt in any game as there was so much hanging on it. It was an evening kick-off at Seaview and Coleraine brought a massive crowd with an electric atmosphere.

16. You’ve been involved in the Irish League for a long time – how had the standard developed since then?

More focus on strength, conditioning and recovery.
Clubs moving to full-time approach.
Facilities have improved – pitches and training.
Coaches and managers with A Licences/Pro Licences.
Younger average age of players in the league.
Style of play of some teams – patient build up and passing and less physical.