On the Spot

On the Spot with…Jamie McGonigle

colerainefc.com caught up with striker Jamie McGonigle for a quick chat and asked him a series of questions…

1. Occupation?

Chilling out.

2. Favourite player of all time?


3. Favourite meal?

My daily meal is chicken stir fry and on Saturday night’s it would be salted chilli chicken.

4. Pre-match breakfast?

Usually poached eggs & toast.

5. Any lucky traditions?

No, not really.

6. PS4 or Xbox?

Xbox in the younger days, but I’m a PS4 fan now.

7. What teams do you support?

Manchester United.

8. Three guests for a dinner – dead or alive – who do you pick and why?

Me, myself and I – because I’m the best craic ever. No, I would pick Ronaldo because he’s my favourite player, Biggie Smalls (the notorious B.I.G) as I love his music and Conor McGregor…what a man!

9. Favourite movie?

Don’t have a favourite – anything sport, comedy or action related.

10. Your favourite moment as a Coleraine player?

Lifting the Irish Cup.

11. If you were deserted on an island, which Coleraine player would you choose to be with and why?

Ciaron Harkin or Adam Mullan – two nut jobs. Wee Jackie would somehow make it out to be a holiday – only after getting me to book one with him.

12. Who is your room mate on European trips?

Ciaron Harkin for Coleraine and NI. If Ciaron not selected then it’s been Paul Smyth.

13. If you could be a Coleraine player for one day who would it be and why?

Myself – wouldn’t want to change. Or maybe Dougie – he’s minted and good chance that day would be on a holiday because he’s away on a holiday nearly every other week. 

14. What other sports do you play?

Golf from time to time. Flat out during off season but not as much now.

15. Who is your best mate at the club?

Ciaron Harkin or Adam Mullan.

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