On the Spot

On the Spot…with Matthew Fitzpatrick

OUR popular On the Spot series continues as striker Matthew Fitzpatrick is the man in the spotlight as he answers a series of questions…

1. Occupation?


2. Favourite player of all time?

Steven Douglas.

3. Favourite meal?


4. Pre-match breakfast?

Bacon and avocado on sourdough bread.

5. Any lucky traditions?

None as Aaron Traynor usually keeps me late so after that I’ve to do everything in a rush.

6. PS4 or Xbox?


7. What teams do you support?


8. Three guests for a dinner – dead or alive – who do you pick and why?

Winky, Josh Carson and Aaron Traynor for a few pizzas on the way home.

9. Favourite movie?

Dumb and Dumber.

10. Your favourite moment as a footballer?

Scoring in my first start against Warrenpoint Town.

11. If you were deserted on an island, which Coleraine player would you choose to be with and why?

Eoin Bradley – could listen to him all day.

12. Love Island – yes or no?

100% yes.

13. What other sports do you play?

Play GAA for St.Johns in Belfast.

14. How do you find playing both football and GAA? Do you think both sports compliment each other well?

I haven’t been playing any GAA since I’ve joined Coleraine because the club is my main focus now. The skills are definitely transferable and useful though.

15. You have developed late as a footballer…was that always planned? How have you found the step up?

Wasn’t in my plans at all. I’m just winging it! The step up has been tough and it’s taking me a while to adjust but I’m enjoying the challenge.

16. You are best friends with Aaron Traynor…there must be a funny story in there?

I wouldn’t do that to him but his boots are fake.