Skinner salutes testing announcement

EOIN Bradley has hailed the decision to introduce player testing ahead of the return of the Danske Bank Premiership next weekend…

By: Michael Anderson

The NIFL and IFA last night announced plans to introduce Covid tests in the top flight.

And Skinner is delighted at the decision ahead of Coleraine’s return to action against Dungannon Swifts on January 23.

“As far as I’m concerned it’s great news and a step forward,” said Eoin.

“Sometimes we’re quick to criticise the NIFL and IFA so they deserve praise for this move.

“They are putting their money where their mouth is and stepping up to the plate.”

The first round of testing is expected to take place at Tuesday’s training session.

“It will help put the players’ minds at ease and of course their families as well,” added Skinner.

“Some people will say we still aren’t in a total bubble but with the restrictions in place we should all be keeping ourselves to ourselves anyway.

“I’d still expect there to be some postponements. After all it’s happening in England and they have a professional set up.”

But the influential forward believes the announcement paves the way for the league to be fully completed this time round.

“I hope that’s the case. There is talk of a 22 game season but I don’t think that will happen.

“In my view the earliest will be 33 matches but all being well we get it finished.”