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Stewards Salute

MEMBERS of our hard work stewarding team have received recognition for their many hours of volunteering…

Pictured are some of the stewards who received certificates for the EPIC volunteer awards through Causeway Volunteer Centre.

Last season the stewards hours they volunteered were tracked.

Approximately 3,287 hours of volunteering was recorded for last season with 24 stewards receiving either a Silver (over 100 hours) or Gold (over 200 hours).

EPIC (Empowering People In Communities) is completely free, and open to volunteers of all ages and for all types of volunteering. To qualify for an EPIC Award, volunteers must make a commitment of at least 50 hours, within any 12-month period. These hours can be gained through volunteering with one organisation, or with multiple organisations simultaneously.

You can read all about the awards HERE.

As always, Coleraine FC places on record its thanks to all our volunteers who give up their time for the betterment of the club.