The story so far – Jamie Glackin

FROM Omagh to Ibrox, McAree and Lowry, Jamie Glackin tells the story of his career so far during an interview with the Friends of Coleraine FC…

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So, Jamie at what youth team did it all begin for you, at what age and who all did you play for before Coleraine signed you? 

Omagh Youth was my first team when I was a young boy, It was my hometown team where I played with all my friends, it was brilliant. I then went on to Maiden City where we had a great side and I loved every minute of my time there, from there I made the move to men’s football at 16 when I moved to Dungannon Swifts, then on to Crusaders before signing for Coleraine.

How did your move to Coleraine come about?

Well, to be honest my time at Crusaders wasn’t going good before I left, I fell out of love with the game and was close to moving to Australia, but Rodney McAree got on the phone to me and took me to Coleraine where I haven’t looked back and that move has got me back in love with the game and playing with more than a smile on my face.

Who’s been the biggest influence on your career?

My Dad would be, he never missed a game, my biggest fan and also my biggest critic.

Best player you have played with and also most difficult opponent you have faced?

I’ll keep it Irish League related.

Played with: Stevie Lowry, top top notch he can do everything and he’s a real gentleman to go with that, who also gives the likes of me the license to do whatever. He’s a top class footballer so I would say Stevie Lowry.

Against: Rhys Marshall, he’s a super player who is probably one of the best I’ve played against in the league. Defends well, attacks well and is probably very underrated if I’m honest.

What football ground would you say is the best you have been to play a football match in?

I played in Ibrox in front of a packed stadium which was mad, so probably that.

How did this come about?

I was on the verge of signing with Rangers, I was back and forth when they won the league in 2010/11. The day they won the league away to Kilmarnock, I was playing in an under 18 game at Ibrox, I was 16 at the time and the team came back with the trophy and the place was bouncing, after that the club went into administration and the deal fell through.

What one bit of advice have you taken on board always throughout your career and what advice would you pass on to young players coming through now?

Trust in your own ability. Nothing more or nothing less than trusting yourself because a lot of people will doubt you, criticise you, hate on you, but once you trust your own ability you’ll soon see them become fans.

Funniest story in football that involves the clubs you have played for?

Skinner getting caught on TV having a pee at half time on the pitch in the Irish Cup semi final, weird times and only he could get caught and there weren’t even fans there.

You’re an attacking midfielder who would you say was the best in that position to watch when you were growing up and now in the current game? 

Steven Gerrard is my favourite player ever but being a Liverpool fan Phillippe Coutinho when he was at Liverpool was my inspiration, I adored him.

Biggest achievements and most memorable times in your football career?

Enjoying my football is the only achievement I want. I want people to come to games and get on the edge of their seat with my dribbles or bits of play I do and for younger ones to have inspiration to also do the same and hopefully enjoy the way I play.

What changes are notable now in the Irish League to when you first started out playing in it?

The crowds have increased, there is a far better standard of teams now and just an all-round bigger and better league.

How do you find playing on the new Coleraine pitch and do you think it suits your game more?

Yeah I love it, it suits my game completely. I’m not a person for a mud bath with snow or hail pelting down on me, I love the technical side of the game and with the new pitch it helps me deliver my attributes.

Would you like to see VAR in the Irish Premiership?

Not a chance I’ll never get a penalty.

Hopes for the rest of the season and future after football?

To have silverware and qualify for Europe – after football I’ll play golf every weekend without fail.

Finally, any regrets in your career?

Not getting to score a last minute winner against Manchester United in front of the Kop for Liverpool to win the league, but other than that no regrets.