A Game of Fives

A Game of Fives

COLERAINE midfielder Ciaron Harkin chooses a five-a-side team from the current first-team squad at The Showgrounds…

The rules are simple – Ciaron must choose a goalkeeper and four outfield players (excluding himself) plus two substitutes to get the win.

After some tweaking and last minute changes, Ciaron came up with the following line-up. Do you think this side would beat O’Donnell’s last week?


Richard Purcell:

Everyone has picked Chris Johns, so I’ll go for Ricky to come in and do nets. I know he’d do a great job in this team and is a good goalkeeper. Sorry, Chris!

Shocker! Harkin doesn’t pick Chris Johns between the sticks.


Stephen O’Donnell:

I don’t know why I’m including Stevie considering he never picked me for his team. However I know he is good in a 5-a-side and has feet on him like a winger and a head like a centre-half.

Harkin has picked O’Donnell as his first outfield player- although we are unsure he has feet like a winger!

Josh Carson:

We will need someone to put a tackle in so that’s why I’ve picked Josh. Unfortunately he is 1/10 with the bookies to be sent-off. He’s included because he’s scored against David James and marked Ronaldo out of a game one time – so he tells us anyway!

Harkin hopes Carson can replicate his success from scoring against David James.

Ian Parkhill:

Parky is the best trainer I’ve ever seen and turns into Messi when we play on 4G through the week, but then he phones in sick on a Saturday! Still gets into my team.

Ian ‘Messi’ Parkhill has been selected in this 5-a-side team.

Stephen Dooley:

Dooley is included because it is practically impossible to take the ball off him. My only concern is whether or not he can avoid injury on a 5-a-side pitch.

He might have recently joined Rochdale, but Dooley makes Harkin’s side.


Jamie McGonigle:

Jamie just misses out but if the goals are drying up, he will pull us out of a hole. I’m afraid to start him in case he falls asleep as he is laziest man I’ve ever met and I know he will be fuming when he sees that he is on the bench.

Matthew Kirk:

The Crab! Matthew just misses out as well but if things get nasty, he’s the man to go on and sort it out. He will throw a few boys around the place and is still living of his two goals against Lisburn Distillery.

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