A Game of Fives

A Game of Fives

COLERAINE defender Adam Mullan chooses a five-a-side team from the current first-team squad at The Showgrounds…

The rules are simple – Adam must choose a goalkeeper and four outfield players (excluding himself) plus two substitutes to get the win.

After some tweaking and last minute changes, Adam came up with the following line-up. Do you think this side would be successful?


Chris Johns:

The Cat is very reliable when called upon so he will be my goalkeeper.

Mullan has picked Chris Johns to be his goalkeeper.


Stephen Douglas:

‘Dougie’ has been there and done it, so he will mop up absolutely everything at the back.

Dougie’s experience earns him a spot in Mullan’s five-a-side team.

Stephen Lowry:

I wouldn’t expect much to get by him and he might pop up with a goal or three.

Lowry has been tipped to add valuable goals from midfield.

Josh Carson:

Josh is an engine! He will be expected to run all day and add some quality in the final third of the pitch.

Carson’s energetic work rate means he is a member of Adam’s 5-a-side squad.

Jamie McGonigle:

Jamie is quick, strong and knows where the net is – has to be my striker.

McGonigle will be tasked to find the back of the net.


Stephen O’Donnell:

You know what you’re getting with Stevie – he also fancies himself as a back-up striker.

Ian Parkhill:

Parky will run all day and score a ton of goals in 5-a-side.