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Hues of Blues

A new community emotional wellbeing initiative ‘Hues of Blues’ kicks off in a partnership between the Hummingbird Project and Coleraine Football Club…

A new community emotional wellbeing project ‘Hues of Blues’ is being launched with an online survey on Saturday, August 27 in a partnership between mental health organisation, the Hummingbird Project and Coleraine Football Club.

Taking just three minutes to complete, the survey seeks to get a better understanding of the emotional/mental health needs of local communities in the Causeway Coast and Glens area with the insights gained aimed at supporting good mental health.

Those who take part in the survey are also being asked to like, forward and share to encourage as much community participation as possible. The survey will also contain news of further ground-breaking work to be announced in October by the partnership.

This includes its FREEKICK pilot project involving up to 20 volunteers drawn from the club, community and fan base and is regardless of either their experience of emotional/mental health or sport.

These sessions will take the form of a 5×90 minute ‘Matches’ spread over the course of five weeks, helping The Hummingbird Project along with participants to test-run the first pilot.

Although no actual football takes place, the content of the programme will contain arts, media and strong sports and football themes to deliver emotional resilience skills which could support people through difficult and trying times.

Jimmy McAleese of the Hummingbird Project said: “I’d really like to encourage as many people as possible to take part in the survey and to consider joining the FREEKICK pilot project too. These are important tools in helping us to assess the issues and pressure points people in the local area are feeling.

“We are just emerging from a pandemic and have now been catapulted into a cost-of-living crisis. We want to know how people are really feeling.

“At the Hummingbird Project all our emotional/wellbeing work is carried out through meaningful consultation from the outset. That is important to our work, critical to successful outcomes and essential to delivering the best possible community service. That’s why we are appealing to as many local residents as possible to be part of this first-of-its-kind community survey.”

More details of the FREEKICK pilot programme will be announced in the coming weeks, but the October programme is expected to be interactive, inspiring and challenging at times. There will be fun and special guests, but the overall ambition is for attendees to learn some important new skills.

The survey will be widely distributed through Coleraine Football Club and The Hummingbird’s social media channels. Look out for the details on Facebook and Twitter.

You can also take the survey by clicking the link HERE.

If you are unable to access the survey online but would like to participate please contact:

The Hummingbird Project on 028 70559504 or Jimmy McAleese ( or 07712269604